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.for Jack.


seeing your face
in each person that passes
wanting to turn back the hands of time
feeling as if i want to rip the clock off the wall
.pause this moment.
each minute it ticks away
is another that you are not here.
this clock
it moves so selfishly.
unawares and unaffected
and i want to break it.

i dont want the brutalness of this news to fade
dont want the cut your passing made
to close up and fade
i dont want the months and days to pass
most of all i dont want to be used to this idea
that your gone from us

to accept is to move on
and moving on without you here
dancing moving growing
smiling breathing Living
is unacceptable to me

so here ill sit
in this limbo between despair and hope
and longing for your presence
that surely will never come
tell me what else is there to do
when lifes just not life
.without you.


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